Glimpses Of Joy: February 2017

Hi Friends! I’m doing glimpses of joy a little different this month. In February, I tried to have a focus to each week that I felt God putting on my heart. I prayed about it and started my day thinking about it. I found that they actually showed how God was working in my life that week and the glimpses of joy and grace he’s placed in my life each week.

January 29-February 4


We’ve been studying Colossians at church and this week we read Colossians 1 where Paul shares that hope is the source of our faith and our love for others. This really struck me. What a better view that hope is the source of our sanctification rather than obligation or guilt or our own strength. I definitely don’t live that way all the time!

February 5-February 11

This week as there were some uncertainties presented in my life,  God was definitely calling me to trust him- trust that he had my back and that he has a vision for my life. It’s my job to patiently wait and listen for that vision in this time of uncertainty. God is not abandoning me, he’s opening my eyes to a new vision. I realized things are never in my control and the idea that I’m in control is an illusion, yet I cling to it.


February 12-18

While studying Colossians 1 with my small group we discussed the importance of prayer and encouragement. It made me realize how rarely I pray with intention for God to act and do something awesome in the things I’m doing each day (like small group, work etc.). So often I just go through a day without thinking about it. What if I prayed for God to do mighty things in my life and day? What if that prayer brought my mind and heart to more intentionally engage in what I’m doing each day? The passage also reminded me how powerful genuine encouragement is and how little I do it.

Lastly, in a conversation with my sister-in-law, I saw how she was living out her beliefs through what she does with her life. It made me think, how am I doing that? How am I acting on what I say I believe? It was something I wanted to think through and that builds off of the vision I have and that God is bringing about in my life. It was challenging to think through whether my goals were selfish or God-focused.


February 19–25.


This last week of the month I was feeling the call to keep praying. However, I realized that prayer is not just a tool for greater impact in my life, it’s my way to grow closer to God- to develop that relationship and experience the joy that only comes from him.

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