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Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

On the first day of March, I traveled down to Dallas, Texas for some work meetings. The trip marked the beginning of a new role for me working with our Spanish ministry; one I really admire, but due to distance and language, know very little about. This year will be our first year inviting donors… Continue reading Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

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Just Be.

I've been writing a lot about agency and purpose and identity the past few weeks. In my declarations about purpose and my definitions of my identity, I think I've been searching for peace. For contentment and worth. Contentment and worth don't come from these things. They come from a right relationship with my creator. I… Continue reading Just Be.

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Searching for Contentment.

I’m in a small group at my church. A small group is essentially a group of friends who hang out once a week- usually studying the Bible, but also sharing what’s going on in our lives and just doing life together. After studying a passage from the Bible together, we have “accountability time.” What this… Continue reading Searching for Contentment.

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The Other “Glimpses of Joy”

Last week I shared about Lewis’ concept of joy: “a longing for the ineffable, something so otherworldly that even our desire for it seems alien: ‘It is… an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction.’” (Whitesell, 2013) This type of joy hits you when you least expect it, it’s beyond your… Continue reading The Other “Glimpses of Joy”