Big Goals.

Hey fellow goal junkies! Welcome back. As promised, I’m breaking down the three types of goals I’m focusing on this year. A few weeks ago I shared about habit goals. This week, I’m sharing about BIG goals.

This is something you work on for the WHOLE year. Examples:


  • Train for and run a marathon.
  • Plan a wedding.
  • Write a book.
  • Buy a house.

These goals can be the most intimidating since it’s often hard to know where to start and takes disciple and patience to stick with it to the finish. Here are some tips that have helped me with my big goal for the year (BUYING A HOUSE!):

Break it down into tasks.

For buying a house my timeline of tasks are…

  1. Set a budget and identify how much savings we have.
  2. Go to a house buying seminar.
  3. Research tips online.
  4. Shop around for a mortgage.
  5. Find a Realtor.
  6. Start house hunting.

Etc, etc.. The big goal isn’t so big when you break it down into small tasks and just focus on the first one on the list.


Set deadlines for the tasks.

This helped me tremendously when wedding planning. Big goals can be so overwhelming, but by breaking down my tasks month by month, I only had to focus on one or two things rather than 100.  This will also keep you moving. Accomplishing one task will give you the momentum to take on the next one and before you know it, that big list is getting checked off and the finish line gets closer and closer.

What’s your big goal for the year? What’s your first step?

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