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What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

Hey Friends! Here's what I've been up to his month. What I'm Eating First, I've started making shakes for breakfast! This way I'm at least having something jumpstart my metabolism and all in all, it's healthier than what I usually eat for breakfast (i.e. leftover pizza or cupcakes :/). Here's my recipe: 1 cup of… Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

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Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

On the first day of March, I traveled down to Dallas, Texas for some work meetings. The trip marked the beginning of a new role for me working with our Spanish ministry; one I really admire, but due to distance and language, know very little about. This year will be our first year inviting donors… Continue reading Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

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Glimpses Of Joy: February 2017

Hi¬†Friends! I'm doing glimpses of joy a little different this month. In February, I tried to have a focus to each week that I felt God putting on my heart. I prayed about it and started my day thinking about it. I found that they actually showed how God was working in my life that… Continue reading Glimpses Of Joy: February 2017

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Glimpses of Joy: January 2017

"We're having one of those moments. One of those moment's when everything is so perfect and so wonderful that... you almost feel sad because nothing could ever be this good again." - Rory Gilmore Here are my glimpses of joy from January. 4: "Click, click" (Lobster hands). 7 & 14: Doing nothing with your favorite… Continue reading Glimpses of Joy: January 2017

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Glimpses of Joy: October 2016

"There is a way of living, a way of harmonizing and hitting a balance point, a converging of a thousand balance points and voices, layering together, twisting together, and there are moments, when it all clicks into place just for a split second--God and marriage and forgiveness and something deep inside that feels like peace--and… Continue reading Glimpses of Joy: October 2016