Monthly Goals.

Hey fellow goal junkies! Welcome back. As promised, I’m breaking down the three types of goals I’m focusing on this year. A few weeks ago I shared about habit goals, and last week I shared about big goals. This week, I’m sharing about monthly goals.


Set One Monthly Goal.

This is a smaller goal that can be accomplished in 4 weeks or less. Accomplishing goals like this can motivate and encourage you with your bigger goals!


  • Write one chapter of a book.
  • Clean out your closet.
  • Update your resume.
  • Save $100.
  • Plan a trip.
  • Whole30.

Here are some tips for accomplishing your monthly goals:

Look at your month and plan a date(s) you will work on this goal.

My goal in January was to finish my Shutterfly books and I enjoy working on them during football games. Therefore, in January I worked on my books on Sunday afternoons. For this blog, I found it helped to schedule time at a coffee shop once a week when I would work on my posts- that way I wouldn’t get distracted and my time wouldn’t be filled with other things since it was on the calendar.

Repeat each month!  

I’ve found that a month is the perfect amount of time for a lot of projects. It gives you enough time to choose when you do it but is short enough to not procrastinate as much. Also, in January you have no idea how your life is going to change in the upcoming months. New Year’s resolutions from January might not make sense for your lifestyle in July. Keeping goals to a monthly schedule allows you the flexibility to make them realistic and relevant to your life.

Next week I’ll share some additional tips for any type of goal.

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