GG Challenge S1, E8: Love & War & Snow


This week’s challenge:

Celebrate Snow like Lorelai. On the night of the first snow, grab coffee and donuts and go out on the front porch to watch it fall at midnight.

If that’s not doable, here’s a few other ideas from the episode:

  • Go to your local government meeting. I promise it won’t be as interesting as the Stars Hollow town meetings, but you just might learn something!
  • Learn the history of your town. Maybe your town has a shady past like Stars Hollow.
  • Show someone around your town. Just like Lorelai showed Max around. Note all your favorite places. If you don’t have someone to show around be a tourist in your own city.
  • Get snowed in.
  • Add fancy ingredients to your frozen pizza.


What’s your favorite moment from the episode?

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