Two weeks ago, I talked about my multiple moods. When I’m having those days where I’m a dreamer and want to enjoy and embrace and experience this world in all its magic, I want to be bold enough to find the magic.


I think I’ve been living so much in the Type A self, I’ve gotten a little boring.

I sit back and look at my life as a show I’m watching rather than a drama in which I’m a leading character. It’s been a gradual change and in honesty, part of it is just my personality, just my nature to sit back and observe before acting. And there’s a place for that.

But there’s also a place to be bold.

A place where you do things with intention and purpose rather than just going through the motions.

A place where you don’t just show up and sit back waiting to be entertained.

A place where you are a co-creator of the beauty around you. Where you see people as stories to be heard and laughs to be shared, not just as an obstacle on your way to getting home to watch Netflix.

I love Bob Goff. I think what I love most about him is that he’s bold and creative. He’s creative in the sense that he looks at this world and he sees things we don’t. He sees opportunities for joy and love in the most mundane. I wish I had his eyes! But what is best is that he has the boldness to actually follow through on it.

  • He has the boldness to call the White House just for fun.
  • He has the boldness to schedule meetings at Tom Sawyer’s Island in Disneyland.
  • He has the boldness to throw candy at boats that pass his lodge.
  • He has the boldness to build schools in war-torn countries and fight witch doctors.

He sees opportunities, but that’s not enough. What makes his life beautiful is that he has the boldness to act on those opportunities. And the result is fun. The result is love.


I don’t have eyes like Bob Goff to see these opportunities for fun and much less the boldness to pursue them. But I think I can find both with small, little changes.

  • Talk to someone new each day this week. It doesn’t have to be a complete stranger, maybe it’s just a coworker you haven’t had a real conversation with. Maybe it is a stranger and it’s simply a “how’s your day going?” Maybe it’s simply asking a question or sharing your opinion when you’d usually just smile, nod and walk away. Take baby steps.


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