Just Be.

I’ve been writing a lot about agency and purpose and identity the past few weeks. In my declarations about purpose and my definitions of my identity, I think I’ve been searching for peace. For contentment and worth.


Contentment and worth don’t come from these things. They come from a right relationship with my creator. I do this sooo often. I search for these things in any and everything besides him. Yet, he’s always so patient, forgiving and gentle in my wanderings.

As I think through my purpose and identity I must never forget that my one purpose is simply to be his.

I don’t need to do anything.

I just need to be his daughter.

And that’s enough.

If you need some help remembering this (as I do daily), here are some reminders:


  • Just Be. Stop the hustling and rest in what he’s done for you and who you are in him.
  • Listen to Audrey’s song. What things does she sing about that you are putting your identity in other than Christ?


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