Music Monday: End of Summer

“Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” –William Shakesphere

Although we still have a month before the summer is officially over, August signifies the beginning of the transition, the beginning of the end. As summer slowly winds down into fall, here are some jams I’m listening to:


  • Country is the official music of summer. Nonnegotiable.
  • The Blacklist. I’m currently binging it on Netflix and love the music they have on the show!
  • Nostalgia.
  1. Untamed -Cam
  2. Springsteen -Eric Church
  3. PKZEIDU02WAmerican Kids -Kenny Chesney
  4. Die for Alabama -firekid
  5. Jack & Diane -John Mellencamp
  6. The Boys of Summer -The Ataris
  7. Just Breathe -Pearl Jam
  8. I Will Follow You -RIVVRS
  9. When We Were Young -Falls

Here it is on Spotify

Happy Music Monday,




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