Celebration #1: Olympics Party

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are probably aware that the Olympics are taking place in Rio! I’ve been loving watching gymnastics all week. Since this happens only every few years, I decided we should celebrate!


Last Friday, we celebrated the opening ceremony with a bunch of friends. Here are some things we did that made it an absolute blast, that I’d love for you to steal for your own party.

  1. In the invitation, ask each person to choose a country to represent. I love having themed parties, so of course, I couldn’t just invite people over to watch- they had to get into it a bit! I asked all attendees to choose a country that they will share and represent. They can do this by bringing a drink or snack native to their country and dressing in their country’s colors. Luckily we have creative friends. Here are some of the things they brought:
    1. Caprese Skewers from Italy
    2. Lefsa from Norway
    3. Chili from Chile (:
    4. Cashews from Mozambique
    5. Mochi Ice Cream & Aloe Juice from China
    6. Johnny Cakes from Antigua and Barbuda
    7. Mac & Cheese from the U.S.
    8. Caipirinhas & Pão de Queijo from Brazil
    9. Beer from Germany
    10. Strongbow from the UK
  2. Watch the ceremony and play Olympics bingo. Watching the ceremony is fun and all, but it can get l-o-o-o-o-n-g. There’s a lot of people walking around that arena! That’s why we decided to have Olympics Bingo. We bought a few gift cards to give out as prizes. Here are the cards I created. olympics1
  3. Have printouts of the country flags for people to color during the ceremony. For those who’ve given up on Bingo and need something to do while they watch, print some of these coloring sheets for another fun activity. country
  4. Take lots of photos and have fun! soccer

How are you celebrating the Olympics this month?


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