Hey Everyone,

Welcome to my blog! Notice that I’m not saying welcome to my new blog. I’ve been writing on here for a while. However, I’m going to change some things up.

I love to write. It’s my way of processing the world and enjoying the world. While a lot of what I have to say and share is probably not that fascinating, maybe there’s a little tidbit that you’ll connect with- that will encourage you or just make you smile. A little glimpse of joy.

Here’s what you can expect-

Each Sunday I’ll share a post similar to this; just random thoughts and prayers from my head that I had to get down on paper or more appropriately, the screen. Later in the week I’ll share little glimpses of life that bring me joy:

  • Music Mondays- every day needs a playlist. This monthly list will give you something to listen to a picture into my world and musical tastes.
  • Celebrations- There’s a chalkboard in my dining room that says “I believe in a life of celebration.” and I believe that wholeheartedly. Once a week I’ll share a way I’m celebrating life this week- whether it’s a recipe, an event, a quote or a feeling.
  • Gilmore Girls Challenge- Like every other woman in America, I love Gilmore Girls! Can’t wait for the new movies coming this fall. Can’t. Wait. Join me on select Thursdays to learn what the Gilmore Girls challenge is.
  • Glimpses of Joy- This summer I began the practice of writing down one “glimpse of joy” from each day. Whether a magical moment or a blessing I have to reach for on a hard day, these little moments that I share at the end of each month keep me grateful and help me share God’s grace to me.

Sound interesting? Feel free to subscribe to my blog to stay informed.

See you tomorrow (:


writeglimpses of joyjoy

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