God is Truthful.

Reading: John 8

God is truthful. Truth is anything that conforms to reality and God defines reality. Not only is God truthful, he is the origin and determiner of truth. “God as the source and possessor of all knowledge cannot be less than truthful…What he defines as true is eternally true, unchangingly true…all his actions reveal truth and all of his words declare it…God is incapable of lying, though sometimes our limited perception may cause us to doubt this is the case.” Furthermore, “sin is not merely the rejection of God’s will, it’s the rejection of truth, a denial of what is real.”

Reflection Questions

  • Do you believe this to be true? 
  • When have you been awed by truthfulness? How can you use this experience to increase your awe of God?
  • How have you seen God’s truthfulness in your life?

Created using the teachings of In His Image by Jen Wilkin.

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