God is Wise.

Reading: Proverbs 2

God is wise. “Wisdom is the ability to achieve the best ends with the facts. Wisdom is the ability to make good decisions based on the knowledge available…Because God is not bound by time, he is able to determine the end from the beginning, acting within time with perfect awareness of all outcomes. Think, then, how much wisdom resides in the one who holds all knowledge. Because God holds all knowledge, he is able to choose perfect ends.” In addition to possessing all facts, God has no personal bias, and is implicitly good.

Reflection Questions

  • Do you believe this to be true? 
  • When have you been awed by wisdom? How can you use this experience to increase your awe of God?
  • How have you seen God’s wisdom in your life?

Created using the teachings of In His Image by Jen Wilkin.

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