God is Omnipotent.

Reading: Job 40-42:6

God is omnipotent. This means there are no limits on his power to act. He is the strongest. He can do all things. He never rests, sleeps or grows weary. His power does not increase or decrease and it can be exercised anywhere and anytime. He is like the all powerful Genie in Aladdin except he has no master but himself. Because he is all knowing and benevolent, he knows and chooses to use his power in the best way possible at all times.

“While His omnipotence is a certain terror to those who oppose Him, it is a resounding comfort to His children; God is good and promises good to those who love Him. Nothing is impossible for Him, and nothing can prevent Him from achieving His good will.” – She Reads Truth

Reflection Questions

  • Do you believe this to be true? 
  • When have you been awed by power? How can you use this experience to increase your awe of God?
  • How have you seen God’s omnipotence in your life?

Created using the teachings of None Like Him by Jen Wilkin.

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