A Day in the Life.

Lately, I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts. One of my favs is Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey. Through this, I was introduced to Shay Shull and her blog Mix & Match Mama. She posts yummy recipes, but what has really kept me from clicking the “unsubscribe” button is her fun and sweet updates about her life and family.


A few weeks back, she wrote a blog post called “A Day in the Life.” Basically, she just documented her day and although it was ordinary, it was so fun and inspiring to walk through it with her. So much fun, in fact, I went back and read the 10 other posts she’s done over the years doing the same thing! I think there’s so much to be learned from seeing up close how others choose to live.

Here are some of the things that inspired me about “the day in her life”:

Her discipline & routines. People. She wakes up at 4:30 a.m. EVERY DAY. She does quiet time and 3 meals and laundry and the gym every day. How does she do it? Willpower. But for the weak out there like me, I think there’s a secret to the fact that she makes these things a part of her a routine and they then become a habit.

Now that I’m firmly planted in “upper” 20s, I find myself more and more drawn to routine and a slower pace. Am I getting old and boring? Maybe. But more than that, I think part of it is learning what I really enjoy and what I need to do in order to enjoy those things. My younger 20s were filled with an overflowing calendar of events, and routine and disciplines were thrown out the window daily for spontaneity and any opportunity for fun and excitement. Now I’m finding that I want to build the things I love into my day- to make space for them and protect that space.

Routines and habits don’t have to only be for unfun things either. She also has a routine of eating a brownie and watching her favorite shows each night (this helps her say no to sweets throughout the day since she has her brownie to look forward to), and going out for dinner with her family on the weekends.


The little celebrations. In December they eat on Christmas plates. Before her husband goes on a business trip they always go out for Mexican. On rainy days she drinks coffee all day. On sunny Fridays, she walks with a friend. I love that for the little milestones and circumstances in each day, she finds a way to celebrate it. These aren’t huge things- they’re just little ways to celebrate and enjoy the day with her family.

Each day is very similar. Here’s what blew my mind, you guys. Her Saturday routine looked very much like her weekdays. She still woke up early. She still worked. These two things sound awful to me. But seeing it in her life, I realized something. Her weekends don’t look drastically different than her weekdays because she’s doing what she loves EVERY DAY. She loves her job of cooking and posting recipes. She loves replying to blogger comments before her kids wake up. She loves having quiet time each morning. When you live the life you love each day, why would you change it on a Saturday?

So, what would these three things look like in your life? Hopefully, it doesn’t mean getting up at 4:30 a.m., but what little disciplines and celebrations can you incorporate into your day to make each day full of the things you love?

P.S.- if you want to check out her posts, you can find them here.

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