GG Challenge S1, E4: The Deer Hunters


In my opinion, this is one of the most memorable episodes of the entire series and where Rory truly capture your heart- the deer incident. Poor Rory. You can’t help but laugh at her misfortune and deep desire to succeed at Chilton.

This week’s challenge:

  • Throw caution to the wind and celebrate with ice cream! Even if work or school is stressful and overwhelming, be like Lorelai and throw caution to the wind and celebrate something big or small. Maybe have some pie too.


If that’s not doable, here are a few other ideas.

  • Buy some new supplies for work or school. Even if work gives you all your needed office supplies, treat yourself and get some pretty office supplies (Target has some great pieces in the dollar spot). It might just make you more productive.
  • Shoe shopping. Always a good time.
  • Make risotto. I recommend Shauna’s recipe.
  • Read or watch some Shakespeare. After her crazy study session, I’m sure Rory knows everything there is to know about Shakespeare. See a show, watch a film or read one of the plays.

What is the Gilmore Girls Challenge, you ask? 

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is the challenge of grabbing a friend, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and doing something the Gilmores do in the episode together. These posts are ideas I’ve gathered from the episodes. Have more ideas? Share them in the comments and tell me what you try!

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