GG Challenge S1, E1: The Pilot

Season 1 GG Picture

Episode 1- where it all begin. Where we meet all our soon to be best friends, learn about Lorelai’s coffee addiction, fear the grandparents, and get excited about Chilton. 

This week’s challenge:

Host a Gilmore Girls Pilot Viewing Party. My desire in this challenge was to build community and what better way than a party with the Gilmores? Here are some ideas:

    • Play Macy Gray, The La’s, Britney Spears, and Sam Phillips music.
    • Serve coffee, wine &/or champagne.
    • Paint each other’s nails.
    • Make waffles with peach sauce, cookies with oatmeal, &/or pie.
    • And of course, watch the pilot.


If that’s not doable, here’s a few other ideas.

  • For the intellectual: Read Jack Kerouac or Moby Dick. If you pick Jack, I recommend On the Road.
  • For the fun seeker: Go on a Hayride. It will be cooler than Lane’s, I promise!
  • For those up for a challenge: Make a best friend at work. Work’s so much more fun when you have someone to share things with and have over for wine after work. Like your daughter getting into Chilton or your inability to pay for said Chilton! I love Sookie and Lorelai.
  • For the movie buff: Watch Rosemary’s Baby. If you can handle the spookiness.

What’s your favorite moment from the pilot?

What is the Gilmore Girls Challenge, you ask? 

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is the challenge of grabbing a friend, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and doing something the Gilmores do in the episode together. These posts are ideas I’ve gathered from the episodes. Have more ideas? Share them in the comments and tell me what you try!

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