Celebrations & Joy

“I believe in a life of celebration.” – Shauna Niequist

In addition to the glimpses of joy I share on this blog, I also love to share ways that I celebrate. Music, parties, bucket lists, recipes, TV shows, holidays, vacations and favorite things. These are all things that help me celebrate the amazing life that God has given me.

Just like gratitude, I believe living a life of a celebration brings to mind the good in your life when it’s so easy for the bad to bog and weigh you down. Even in the dark moments, memories of celebrations and special moments can shine and give hope that the dark won’t stay forever.

Celebrations are also important because they’re usually done in community. Community and connection are essential to joy and celebrations create spaces to build those connections. All of the celebrations I list on my blog, I encourage you to do in community. Grab a friend and do it together. It’s so much more fun to celebrate in pairs or groups.

How do you celebrate the good things in your life? Are you celebrating in community?


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