Top 5 | August 2018

“Summer was our best season: it was sleeping on the back screened porch in cots, or trying to sleep in the treehouse; summer was everything good to eat; it was a thousand colors in a parched landscape.” – Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

Summer is already 2/3 over! I can’t believe it. I’m so grateful it’s been less busy than last summer (full of weddings, trips and buying a house!) so I’ve been able to squeeze in more of my summertime favorite things and get some R&R. Here are a few things I’m looking forward to, loving or learning this month:

1. Reading on the Patio

In May, Aaron and I fixed up our patio and I’ve been living on it ever since. Most Sunday afternoons you can find me with a book in the hammock.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

2. Less Screen Time

After watching this video and realizing how much of my time I spend scrolling through Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve decided it might be a good idea to tone down my screen time. Especially since it’s summer and so beautiful outside! My goal is to only be on my phone for 30 minutes a day.

3. Being Active

With all the time saved from not being on my phone, I’ve been working on being more active! In addition to discovering boot camp classes I like at LA Fitness, I’ve been trying to spend more time playing tennis, going on walks or biking.

4. Summer Foods

Certain foods just scream summer and I want to eat ALL OF THEM. Here’s what’s on the menu:

  • Sweet corn
  • Watermelon
  • Brats & hot dogs on the grill or fire
  • Kebobs
  • Pasta salad
  • Taco salad

5. Wrapping Up the Summer Bucket List

Here are the things from my beginning of summer bucket list that I need to wrap up before the summer’s over! Plus a few more of course.

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