Gray Days + April Books & Screens Review

Do you ever have those moods where you literally don’t want to do anything? You’re too tired to move. You’re too restless to sit and rest. The day seems to drag on and on when usually time is in short supply. Everything sounds boring and you just want time to move quickly so you can escape this awful mood.

Today was one of those awful gray days. The ones that suck the life out of you. Aaron and I had had a great weekend in Wisconsin Dells celebrating his birthday and had come back.

This isn’t the first time the gray storm cloud had descended on me, so I knew getting up and moving, even though that sounded awful, was the best thing to do. As we walked up and down Portland Ave., I couldn’t help but look at houses. Looking at houses has become my favorite pastime as of late since we’re deep in the throes of house hunting. I love looking for houses on sale, I love pinning ideas of how to decorate my new home, I love, love, love it all and am impatient to find the house and move on.

But as we walked down Portland and I compared the houses we passed, a small voice in my head gently reminded me, “Don’t become so distracted with what could be that you miss what is happening in this moment.”

Although I’m excited for what’s next, Aaron and I are in an amazing season here in our upper duplex in Minneapolis. Someday I’ll miss being able to walk to Powderhorn Park to see the ducks or Hola Arepa for Happy Hour sangrias and yuca fries. I’ll miss laying in the hammock reading a book by the light of our twinkly lights. I’ll miss the dogs barking next door, the bunnies jumping through the yard and the neighbor girl rollerblading down the street as Aaron and I eat dinner out on our three season porch.

I’m going to miss nights that Aaron and I sit and read and drink tea and Aaron always falling asleep within the first 15 minutes. I’ll miss binge watching Netflix…finishing an episode and us giving each other a look, looking at the clock, knowing we shouldn’t, but pressing, “Continue Watching” anyways.

I’m so excited for what’s next in our yet to be found new home, but I’m also trying to savor the moments right here and now in the cozy apartment where Aaron and I learned to be the Cryes.

“Look at you, doing your thing. I’m just reading about poop.” -Aaron, commenting on our different reading habits.


Hillbilly Elegy is our April pick for book club and although I’m only a few chapters in, I’m loving it. I think this last election cycle has really shown that many of us are in our own bubble of people with similar viewpoints and experiences of our own and that it wouldn’t hurt to close our mouths and just listen to some of the stories of those who are different than us. This book is one such story.



I appear to be on a “based on a true story” kick as you’ll see from my selections below. Even though fictionalized in order to entertain, I enjoy learning more about current events through films like this one about the BP oil spill that happened 7 years ago this month.


Loved it. The new Beauty and the Beast had all the nostalgic scenes and songs from the first film but added some fun plot elements to give you something new and answer some questions that the cartoon didn’t.


I’ve been in a bit of a music rut lately, but this playlist on Spotify has a lot of my old favorites and few new ones I enjoy.


I heard about this podcast and was immediately intrigued. The podcast host is a friend of Richard Simmons (through his gym Slimmons) and shares the story of how after living the spotlight for decades, out of the blue, one day Richard stopped showing up in public and cut off almost all communications with his friends and former life. I’m a sucker for celebrities and mysteries, so the combo of both had me hooked. It’s a quick 6 episodes and was a good listen for my road trip this last weekend. Although it feels a bit intrusive, I think it was done tastefully and with care.


I am absolutely LOVING this show. Since I was so young when this happened, it’s been fun to get the whole story since I only know bits and pieces of the actual case from pop culture references. And although I know it’s dramatized, I still can’t believe this happened! What a crazy trial and how representative of the state of our country and culture even today.

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