The Gilmore Girls Challenge


I know few things in this world, but there’s one thing I do know: millennial women love Gilmore Girls.

What is it? Their sassy witty banter? Yes. There attractive boyfriends? Probably. But I also think an element of it is their zest for life. We all just want to be a Gilmore Girl who lives her life with pizzazz and fun.

That is where I first had the idea of the Gilmore Girls Challenge. What if you tried to do the things the Gilmore Girls did in your own life? What if you grabbed a friend and each week, you’d watch an episode together and then take one thing they did and do it real life? Made your relationship build around more than a screen and fictional characters. Use it as a base, but build. Because this is your life, so live it like a Gilmore*!

*Exceptions apply, not all life choices made by the Lorelai’s are fit for imitation. Keep reading my blog and I’ll help you navigate which to embrace and which to resist. It will be fun, I promise.

Join me next week for the pilot!

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