Top Five | Halloween 2018

1. Mummy Brownies

This is the perfect themed snack for me- cute but EASY. They were a hit for me last year and might just become a tradition.

2. Ghost Gourds & A Scardy Cat

True Confession: I painted gourds for our small group to decorate last year…then forgot about them and they just sat in the Target bag in the corner. Maybe this year!

True Confession #2: I was going to do this to my pumpkin last year…then I waited too long and my pumpkin rotted 😦 …maybe this year!

3. Sassy Taffy

My boss got these for me last year and I don’t like regular salt water taffy but I LOVED these!

4. Pun-y Halloween Costumes

Here are some more ideas.

5. Papa Murphy’s Jack-o-lantern Pizzas

‘Nuff Said.

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