Gilmore Girls Challenge S2, E8 | The Ins & Outs of Inns

LORELAI: So, Mia, how’s living in Santa Barbara?

MIA: Horrible. Did you know the damn sun shines all the time out there?

RORY: They’ve written songs about that.

MIA: Well, no one told me that’s how it was. Half of my wardrobe is obsolete.

Welcome back to the Gilmore Girls Challenge. Grab a friend and watch the episode together! Each episode, I share a challenge to do something the Gilmores do during the show. Here are some ideas:

Here’s what I did for this week’s challenge:

Take the First Step in Pursuing a Dream

I love writing and it’s always been my dream to be more intentional about it and write a book. I’m taking my first step by spending two hours each week writing and looking into taking a writing class.

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