Top 5 | April 2018

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare

Here are the Top 5 things I’m loving, learning, or looking forward to this month.

1. California

Our big West Coast Road Trip is coming up this month! And I can’t wait. Our original dream was to fly into Seattle and go all the way down the coast, but we don’t have enough vacation time or $. So instead, we’re taking 8 days to…

  1. Drink wine in Sonoma
  2. See the redwoods at Muir Woods & the highlights in San Fran
  3. Drive along the coast in Big Sur
  4. Live it up in Monterey (I’m praying Big Little Lies is still filming when we’re there!)
  5. Visit Joshua Tree
  6. Chill in San Diego
  7. Explore the Piers and Alcatraz

I’ll post a recap when I’m back :).

2. Insta-Stories

I’ve recently fallen in love with Instagram Stories. Here are my favorite people to follow:

3. The Psalms

After studying 1, 2 & 3 John and Exodus this year, I’m jumping back into the Psalms! I’m starting back up in Book 2. I’m going to be using the Daily Remain from All Good Things Collective.

4. Spring Shopping

Our trip to California has motivated me to update my spring wardrobe including:

a new swimsuit:

short sleeved blouses:

and springy shoes.








5. Date Nights

After hibernating all winter, I’m ready to get out and explore! Here are some of the date night ideas for me and Aaron this next month:

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