Life Lately & Merry Christmas (Season)!

Hi Blog Friends,

It’s been a while (again) so I thought I’d catch you up on what I’ve been up to!

1. I got a new job!

You’re reading the words of the newest employee of The Emily Program Foundation. We’re a nonprofit working to end eating disorders and reduce the stigma around mental illness. I love supporting this mission by using my administrative and communication skills in the role of Manager of Foundation Operations. We’re a brand new team of awesome women and I’m really enjoying this new season.

2. My family sold our family farm.

In October, we had an auction and watched all the cattle and machinery that have been such a part of my growing up years leave in trailers. I’m excited for this new season for my parents but will miss the farm that holds so many of our memories and made me who I am today.

3. Two of my favorite people got married!

Here’s me and Air at Kari and Karli’s weddings.

4. Fall has come and gone.

I LOVE FALL. I tried to soak it in before the falling leaves were replaced by snowflakes. It was a lovely season of walks in my new neighborhood, scary movies (and shows like Stranger Things season 2!), a brewery tour, a trip up north, a Halloween party, Deer Hunting and Thanksgiving! We also had 120 trick or treaters which made me so happy.



And I’m so pumped. Check back next week for my Christmas Bucket List.

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