Week in Review: Back at It

Hi, Friends!

Long time no type. I ended up taking a bit of an unplanned summer hiatus as life got a little crazy with work changes, house buying, and fun vacations. But I’m back! At least for now. I realized writing things out is so helpful in processing what’s going on in my life and remembering the good that’s in the quiet moments, the big moments, and the hard moments. Reflecting is so good for me and I haven’t been doing much of it in this season. Because it’s been summer! Summer seems to be the season where schedules, objectives, and habits fly out the window. I think that’s good, but it’s also good to get back at it in the fall.

Here’s my birthday present to myself for my new living room! I love this quote and find it so true every year when September rolls around.

So with that being said, I’m going to try a new blog format to give me space to reflect and celebrate the little glimpses of joy in my life each week. I’d love to write every week, but let’s be real, it might be every few weeks #reallife. I’ll be focusing on what I’ve been thinking, doing, consuming (books, TV, movies, music, podcasts), and eating the past week. Plus a little glimpse of joy from the week per usual. Perhaps the thoughts will connect with you and the media and food recommendations inspire you!

Here we go.

Last Week, I was…

Last Thursday, I went to a networking event hosted by one of my college professors and classmates. Full transparency- I hate networking and therefore was dreading this just a little bit. I’m not great at small talk and have this fear of those awkward silences that I always seem to fill with saying something even more awkward.

Anyways, I went anyway and actually enjoyed it! There were some old classmates there and it was fun to catch up. What struck me on my drive home was thinking about the fact that we all started out in the same place. We had the same education, same opportunities, same “major/discipline of study” goals, and yet we all ended up in such different places. Some are uber successful with their own business and a pool, and others are still figuring things out or ready for a career change. Many are in completely different fields- myself included!

Seeing the variety of paths we’ve taken, I realized how ridiculous and worthless it is to compare your journey to others or to think that there’s one that’s right. I fall into this trap so often, trying to pursue a title or achievement just so others will view me as successful and so I’m not “wasting my potential.” Even if I have no desire to do or follow that path. It was fun to see people thriving in a position that would be a terrible fit for me and to realize that doesn’t mean I’m less than or not good enough. It means I was built for something different. God has made us all different and has different places for us to use our strengths. Even if we started in the same place and thought we were heading in the same direction.

Instead, I’ve been trying to make big life decisions based on my values. Money and status are not important to me; meaningful work and helping others is. Hence why I’m loving my work at a non-profit. Community and travel are important to me, so a job with flexible and balanced hours helps me pursue what’s important to me.

The comparison game is so stupid and not helpful. Figure out what your values are and how God wired you and appreciate your path.

Getting settled and finding my new normal.

We are all unpacked at our new place and it has been just what my heart’s been needing. A home. A place to rest and be settled. A schedule that allows me to find routine and establish my new normal in this new place.

Celebrating friends and family!

It was a weekend full of celebrations! On Friday, we celebrated my grandpa’s birthday, on Saturday we showed Aaron’s parents our new place and I celebrated Bachelorette Kari with a chill and oh so fun bachelorette party, and on Sunday we showered soon-to-be bride Karli with gifts and love.

Of Mess and Moxie by Jen Hatmaker

I’m not done with it yet, but I’m just loving this book! Once I finish, I’ll share some of my thoughts and favorite quotes.

Santa Fe Turkey Stuffed Peppers from Skinnytaste.com.

These were very yummy. I doubled the recipe but forgot to double the seasonings (oops) which made the turkey a little bland, so we just added salsa and sour cream! Which made it not quite as “skinny” but still very tasty.

It’s been a hard season at work, but this week I’ve really felt supported by my team and excited about the work we’re doing. It’s crazy how a phone call and a coffee date can help so much.

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