Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

On the first day of March, I traveled down to Dallas, Texas for some work meetings. The trip marked the beginning of a new role for me working with our Spanish ministry; one I really admire, but due to distance and language, know very little about. This year will be our first year inviting donors to be a part of the amazing ministry we’re doing at e625 and my role will be to create those opportunities (through events) and strengthen those relationships through communications.

I’m excited for this opportunity for my career, but even more than that, I’m excited about what the ministry is doing. During our visit, Lucas shared why he does what he does. e625 is a ministry whose vision is to see Colossians 1:28 fulfilled for all Hispanic 6-25-year-olds:

“He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.”

The Church is losing the next generation at an alarming rate (and not adding to our family much either) and one of the big reasons is our Hispanic youth leaders don’t know how to reach teens and aren’t given the resources or support to do it well. The Church is becoming irrelevant in our changing world, and instead of focusing on the future of the Church (our youth) we’re allocating our time and resources to our adult members. Teens are the creators of culture in our society and we’re missing the boat by not knowing their world and how to reach them.

e625 exists to equip and encourage the Church and families by providing training (events and formal education), resources (digital and print) and networking to help them help the next generation (6-25-year-olds) become mature Christians who will lead the Church today and in the future.

Pretty awesome stuff, right? I walked away from our meetings so inspired. I was inspired by the mission of the e625, but perhaps equally, I was inspired by the vision and passion of Lucas’ team. They know what they’re doing and why and that drives them to work hard when the going gets tough and gives the little moments meaning and a bigger purpose. And because of that, they really, really care. Passion drips off of them and passion is infectious.

I definitely caught it. For e625, but also for my own life. On the plane ride home I asked myself this question, “Do I have that same vision and passion for other areas of my life?” Is there a purpose behind how I spend my time and does that create a contagious, joy-filled passion in all I do? That vision doesn’t have to be this big, holy thing like e625. I loved reading “The Magnolia Story” (also on that same plane ride home) and hearing Joanna Gaines express that it’s her mission/calling to create spaces that are practical for the people living in them and to let go of perfection to better love and serve her family in her home.

Although I think calling and vision is sometimes something God calls you to over time, and you might not see the whole thing all at once, you can pick up themes through your skills and personality, what brings you joy and what sets your heart ablaze (the things you can’t just let be or walk away from).

Themes I’m seeing in my life are the Church, relationships, experiences, and creating.

Seek vision and passion, friends. And if you’re interested in learning more about e625 and the amazing ministry they are doing for the next generation of Hispanic Christians, give me a shout.

My trip last month marks my second trip to Texas, but both times I was in a conference room in Dallas the majority of the trip. With my love of country music and BBQ, I would love to make it back to the state for a fun trip to Austin & Waco! If I were to travel there, here’s what would be on my itinerary: (P.S.- friends reading this, who wants to go?!)


Arrive in the evening and check into boutique East Austin Hotel Eleven.



On my first day in a city, I like to get a guided tour in the morning to get my bearings, then just spend some time exploring the area on foot. Be sure to talk to the locals to get recommendations!

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Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

But if it’s rainy…


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  • And since it’s Friday night, hit up the music and bars on Sixth Street! Austin is the live music capital of the world, so you can’t miss it. Try out Emo’s, Stubb’s or The Mohawk.



But if there’s no game playing while you’re there…


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But since these only happen twice a year…



  • Grab breakfast at one of Austin’s many farmer’s markets.
  • Go to Jen Hatmaker’s church‘s morning service. Because I think she’s great and I love what she wrote about her church in her book Interrupted.
  • Head to Franklin’s Barbecue, but go early because there’s sure to be a line!
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  • Bid Texas farewell and promise to return to see and do some of the further ideas listed below.

Fun To Dos if it’s happening when you’re there:

Other Food Recommendations:

For the Quirky:

5 thoughts on “Vision + Austin/Waco Travel Guide

    1. I haven’t actually made it to the event yet, but it’s on my dream itinerary for visiting Texas. Isn’t Jamie great? Loved your pics from Magnolia Silos!

  1. Thanks for linking to my article! Glad it was helpful to you… I grew up in that area and still love exploring San Antonio to Dallas.

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