On Resolutions.


I’m a bit of a goals junkie. I love dreaming about the future, and goals and plans are the perfect tools to intersect the future with the present.

Most of you (if you even bother with resolutions at all) have probably given up with your new year’s goals, but even so, I wanted to share a new way of goal setting I stumbled upon this past month.

So often, I set too many goals and give up on the whole lot because it’s too much to juggle. This past month I focused on three things. Three is the magical number it seems.

  1. A habit goal: something new I want to incorporate into my daily life.
  2. A big goal: something that will take a while (maybe most of the year) to accomplish.
  3. A monthly goal: something smaller that be achieved in 30 days or less.

This 3 goal focus has been simple enough to remember and achieve so far (given, it’s only February), so I’d love to share it with you too! Next week, I’ll talk a bit about the habit goal. Til then, keep dreaming!

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