As I confessed in an earlier post, I’m a big fan of this guy named Bob Goff. He is a lawyer turned author turned humanitarian. He loves Jesus and he shows it by doing things that shows his love for others. I’ve read his book, heard him speak twice, and just a few weeks ago listened to him on Christy Nockel’s podcast.

Here are three of his “Goffisms” that have stuck with me and I’ve wanted to embrace in my life.


This hit me hard. I HATE failing. I’ve been feeling anxious at work because I’m being asked to do things I’ve never done and I’m worried I’ll fail. When Bob said this, he was sharing how his Love Does team was doing something that many told them was impossible, but they thought it was worth trying even if it didn’t happen. I don’t live that way- if there’s a chance it won’t happen, I’ll quit. I think, why waste my time on that if it won’t be completed? But what if its value is in the journey, in your trust and faithfulness and what is built in you through the process? And better yet, what if you succeed?

fail trying


This speaks for itself. And is so convicting for the Church (me included), especially in this season.

  • How are we loving the overlooked and unlovable in our society (refugees, sex offenders)? (Luke 19:1-10)
  • How are we using our resources to feed the hungry? (Matthew 14:13-21)
  • How are we forgiving those who fall short? (John 21:15-17)
  • How are we sharing the gospel with those who need to hear it? (John 3:1-21)



Love is shown through actions, not just words or prayers. Here are practical ways he loves people.

  • When he sees in the news that a politician or celebrity had a success or a setback he sends them a kind note.
  • He talked with his limo driver and learned it was his last day and offered to chauffeur him around for the day.
  • When Bob’s neighbor was dying of cancer and was too sick to attend the neighborhood parade, he rerouted it to go through her yard.

All of these are pretty simple things, but they make such a big impact and make his life so much more meaningful and fun.



  • Choose one of these “Goffisms” to do this week. Love Does.



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