Glimpses of Joy: October 2016

“There is a way of living, a way of harmonizing and hitting a balance point, a converging of a thousand balance points and voices, layering together, twisting together, and there are moments, when it all clicks into place just for a split second–God and marriage and forgiveness and something deep inside that feels like peace–and that’s the place I’m trying to get to.” -Shauna Niequist


Here are my glimpses of joy from October.

1: Sitting in a hammock while it’s raining pine needles all around me.


6: The peace from a vulnerable conversation.

8: Not being able to control my smile when I get a point in racquetball.

14: Seeing an old man singing and dancing while working out on the tennis court, joy and lack of shit giving exuding from him.

15: Dancing to music just for the hell of it.

16: Simple getaways up north.


18: Real vulnerability and honesty changing perspectives and building connections.

24: Seeing answers to prayer in the study of the God’s Word.

27: A good dinner with friends where you feel yourself.

29: Freedom from obligation and plans and having the open space for dreaming.

What were your glimpses of joy this past month?

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