A Caveat to Agency.

I loved taking the time last week to proclaim this is what I’m about and this is what I’m doing with my life.


But of course I did. I’m a person who loves absolutes, black and white and unshifting plans. What I don’t love is when things change, shift and turn gray. But that is life! That’s growing up and learning more about yourself. That’s living in a fallen world and being an imperfect person. That’s learning that you are not a static being.

Having those statements I made last week have been so helpful for keeping me focused and grounded on what matters and who matters (God, the one who doesn’t change and is perfect!), but they also made me more rigid than free in some instances.

Goals don’t bring meaning.

And sometimes callings and missions change.

I was listening to the podcast The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey  and she had Beth Moore on the show. They were talking about calling and the impact that Beth Moore has had on Christian women across the globe through her Bible studies. Beth shared that she had started by just simply leading studies at her church and had been surprised when she was asked to write and teach women on a larger platform. Now she’s writing novels, something she’d never imagined. Beth turned that thought back on Jamie. She pointed out that podcasts didn’t exist just a few years ago, so Jamie would have had no idea what God was calling her to back in her twenties because it didn’t exist yet.

Technology aside, how true is that of all of us? The future doesn’t exist yet. There are so many events and circumstances that need to take place for certain futures and callings to happen. As finite beings, how can we possibly see and know that?

Your calling and goals might change. And that’s ok! Hold fast to God, the one who never changes, and the one who knows all the changes that will happen in your life and will work for your good through them if you trust him.  He’ll show you, day by day, step by step, where he’s leading you. You don’t need to know the whole plan, just follow today.


  • What are you holding too tightly in your life right now? Is it the past? A person? A job? A grievance? An identity?
  • Think through what it would look like to let go of it. Think of what it would look like to have some ambiguity and faith. The unknown is where all the adventures are.


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