GG Challenge S1, E3: Kill Me Now

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If you’ve watched the whole series, it’s easy to forget that Rory didn’t always have a super close relationship with her grandparents. This episode marks the beginning of her and Richard’s close and loving relationship. What’s your favorite moment from the episode?

This week’s challenge:

  • Go golfing. If you’re not very good at golf, try a scramble. A scramble is where everyone hits their ball and whoever’s is farthest, the rest of the group gets to pick up their ball and hit it from the same spot. If golf’s really not your thing (like Rory) hit up a mini-golf course. Here are my two favorites in the Twin Cities:


If that’s not doable, here are a few other ideas.

  • Attend a masquerade ball. This might be a little more difficult…but so fun! 
  • Visit a country club. You’ll need some friends in high places, but it would be a true Richard Gilmore experience. If you can’t get in, at least find a place for a quick steam.
  • Have cake. And eat it too.

What is the Gilmore Girls Challenge, you ask? 

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is the challenge of grabbing a friend, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and doing something the Gilmores do in the episode together. These posts are ideas I’ve gathered from the episodes. Have more ideas? Share them in the comments and tell me what you try!

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