Celebration #5: Try Something New

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

I’ve been really excited for the fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and worked hard to soak it up and fully enjoy before the harsh Minnesota winter, but for me, fall is synonymous for new and exciting beginnings. Last fall was probably the epitome of this- new husband, new home, new office, new last name. I loved it. You’re still learning what this new reality holds and every day offers a new discovery. You’re not sure what will happen and that’s fun and exciting.

Fast forward 11 months. As I write this at the end of August, I’m feeling a little bit in a rut. I’ve mostly figured out all these new changes and when I wake up I can pretty much predict what will take place during the day. It’s a good and beautiful life, but I’m adjusted and comfortable in it. Which means, I’m ready for something new.

Hence, my excitement for the fall. I’m not sure if it will live up to all the expectations I’m putting on it, but I’ve committed myself to trying some new things this fall to change my outlook and add an element of surprise and uncertainty to my days.

And I encourage you to do the same! As we enter this season of beginnings, here’s some ideas of how to shake up your routine and try something new.


  1. Change up your schedule and routine. If you don’t have the capacity to add anything to your plate, how about you just shuffle the things on it? I’m trying this by going into work early so that I have more time after work for the things that are important to me. This also gives me time in the morning without interruptions before other’s arrive in the office to get things done. schedule
  2. Do the things you love. This sounds simple, but it’s so easy to not make time for the things that you enjoy the most, especially when we don’t think they’re practical. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, she shared about her friend who started taking skating lessons in the mornings, not because she wanted to compete or be the best, but just because it was fun and she enjoyed it. What is that thing for you? For me, it’s writing and I plan to use the afternoon time I created by going in early to spend time doing it. ice skate
  3. Start or join a club or class. This is a great way to brighten your days because it exposes you to new people, and new relationships are the most exciting changes of all. Some ideas are taking a community ed class, joining a small group at your church, or starting a book club (I’m trying the last two!).
  4. Start a project. Another reason I love fall is that it’s football season! I love watching football games on TV because it’s something that I don’t have to pay super close attention to and can multi-task and fell productive. One project I want to work on this fall is catching up on creating Shutterfly books with my pictures. I create a book for each year and am a few years behind :/. This fall will be a great time to catch up and give me something creative to do with my free time. We all have those projects that are on our to-do list but never reach completion. Why not set out to do it this fall?
  5. Set goals. Besides my change ups listed above, I have two goals for this fall: 1) Work out 3x a week and 2) Cook a meal from Pinterest at least once a week. Pursuing goals are a great way to shake up your routine. If you’re interested in my second goal, here are a few recipes I want to try out this month:

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