GG Challenge S1, E2: The Lorelai’s First Day of Chilton


I love first days of school (in case you haven’t picked up on that yet). The excitement, the school supplies. Everything is new. This week we watch Rory’s first day of school. 

This week’s challenge:

  • Try Lobster Puffs. I’m not a big seafood person, but if Sookie likes it, it must be good. Here’s a recipe with cream cheese, so that should help. Let me know if it’s good!

If that’s not doable, here’s a few other ideas.

  • Study. It took me a long time after college, to actually want to study again. But watching Rory try to catch up at Chilton made me want to learn again! Choose a topic to cram and study.
  • Paint your toenails. Even if you’ll be wearing shoes and no one will see them.
  • Sleep in. Only unlike Lorelai, do it on purpose! Waking up late is the worst. But sleeping in is THE BEST.

  • Have a standing date. Like Lane and Rory made plans to hang in Hartford while Lorelai has classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. create a standing date with one of your friends. It’s something to look forward to and life gets busy- this guarantees you commit to the important things.


What is the Gilmore Girls Challenge, you ask? 

The Gilmore Girls Challenge is the challenge of grabbing a friend, watching an episode of Gilmore Girls, and doing something the Gilmores do in the episode together. These posts are ideas I’ve gathered from the episodes. Have more ideas? Share them in the comments and tell me what you try!

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