“It’s football season; anything can happen.” ~Troy Brown

Fall Fun: What screams fall more than football? My husband and I have the dilemma of not cheering for the same team. Even worse, he cheers for the enemy..the Green Bay Packers.

Skol Vikings!

This year I’ve also been able to enjoy some college games. My brother is a freshman at my alma mater! A few weekends ago, I went to the Homecoming game and my brother got to play. Unfortunately, in his high school career his team never won a game while he was on varsity :(. But that made this game even sweeter- his first varsity win of his career!

Whether it’s at the field or from the comfort of your home, make sure to take in a game or two this fall.

PSALM 9:8-9

  • This verse talks a lot about equity and God’s care for the oppressed and those in time of trouble. Those who are “oppressed” designates those who are in a constant state of oppression in contrast to those who experience times of trouble. Most of you reading this blog are in the second camp. How often do you consider the plight of those who are in the first camp? Who are these people in our society today? How do you interact with them? How do you feel uniquely called to be God’s hands and feet to the oppressed in your life?

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