Hello Fall!

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
William Cullen Bryant

Found on blog.compareandchoose.com.au
Found on blog.compareandchoose.com.au

I just got back from sunny San Diego. You really can’t complain when you get to go to San Diego on the company dime and spend the week putting on an awesome gathering to bless and train youth workers. It was a fantastic week filled with wonderful people, palm trees, sunshine and delicious meals. But I have to confess- my heart was a little torn.

You see, I LOVE fall. I love the crispness in the air, the possibilities of a new “school year” (even though I’ve been out of school for 5 years), the beauty of the changing leaves, and the spookiness of Halloween.

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to soak up as much of fall as I can in these last three weeks of October. Time has been moving so quickly lately, and I want to make sure I’m taking time to stop, breathe and enjoy. The way I do that best is through writing and celebrating.

That’s where this blog comes in! For the rest of the month, each day I’ll be sharing one of my favorite things from fall that I’ll be enjoying that day. Likewise, I’ll be studying Psalm 9 & 10, taking time to pause and notice the goodness of God. Feel free to join me in this celebration of fall and God’s faithfulness the next few weeks. See you tomorrow!

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