SUMMER: Week 3

June 15: Kari and I celebrated our two roomie graduate with Brasa and Grand Ole Creamery. Sat and talked with Chris and Roxy about the big day!

June 16: Tried to do a movie in the park, but the rain chased it away. We sat under a tent and played cards then I watched Lost with Air.

June 17: Granting Seminar during the day, then dinner and a Lost marathon with Air. WE CAN’T STOP.

June 18: Left bright and early for Chicago. Had Chicago style pizza at Lou’s and saw Jurassic Word in 3D. Late night parking lot convo with Kari.

June 19: Commencement! The IBM speaker was great. After the luncheon reception we went back to the hotel to play cards than hit the town with a 20s/prohibition themed dinner show.

June 20: McCormick Graduation…really boring. Worked on wedding stuff on the ride home, Dad missed the exits and got Chick-fil-a with Kari.

June 21: Church and lunch at Famous Dave’s with the fam. Browsed Barnes & Noble with Air than enjoyed the weather on a blanket at Lake Nokomis. Went to Josh’s grad party and tried to finish season 3 of Lost.

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