SUMMER: Week 1

June 1: This girl got her dress…and it fit! Celebration was had at Chopstix.

June 2: My first small group not leading! Johnball fun was had by all.Some great lines were thrown and Seabass ice cream was consumed.

June 3: Ravioli, asparagus and ice cream with Air and dominating our wedding to do list. 

June 4: A night with no agenda and catching up with my two besties.

June 5: National Donut Day & the Drive In with my baby (we stayed for all three!).

June 6: Good times with mutual friends, conquering Forbidden Island, sticky talks in the summer heat and falling asleep to a summer storm.

June 7: A truly lazy but beautiful Sunday: church, pizza, naps, canoeing, leftovers, marriage videos and discussions and Lost.

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