A lot of the time when I asked people what age they would like to be forever, they answered 25. The common reason was that it was the age where they finally know and are comfortable with who they are. My last few birthdays I haven’t felt my age. When you’re younger you have ideas of who you’ll be or what it will be like at certain ages. I’ve always felt younger than my age. Maybe it’s a millennial thing- that we’re prolonging adolescence. 25 seems landmark, but surprisingly it seems to fit how I thought it would be (for the most part ;)).

I’m actually at a point where I think I know who I am and what I’m supposed to be doing in this season. I think attending the Storyline Conference this winter helped with that- it helped me look at my life, identify themes and clear away the cultural expectations I often felt I needed to abide by. It also helped me focus on what I’m called to do today. In life planning I often look to0 far ahead and sit around on my hands because I have not yet arrived to the place where my life will begin and my dreams come true. It was so freeing to realize my plans can change, but how God made me won’t and I can follow those themes which give me focus and direction, while still keeping myself open to the opportunities and twists and turns that lie out of my sight and understanding.

So, year 25. Here’s the big themes I see in my life right now and look forward to pursing in the coming year.


Relationships are the only things that last so they take priority. This next year I look forward to leading my small group of amazing men and women and together discern how we can be not just hearers of the Word but doers of the Word. I also look forward to participating in LDI Off Road at my church to help me lead well and develop new community and relationships.

My ridiculous and amazing small group.

This summer (and all of my life really) I’ve been so blessed by the loved ones in my life. This year I look forward to going deeper with my fun friends, my family and Mr. AC.

Friends & Family
My awesome friends who made me feel loved and special for my birthday.
The fam at Breakfast on the Farm.

However, my most important relationship is of course with God.I see him as the defining part of all of my plans and goals for this coming year.


I’m in a fun season of my job. As things are transitioning I’m being given the opportunity to grow and learn from those I work with and also the opportunity to try new things. As I step into new responsibilities and also have the freedom to see projects that need to be done and get my hands dirty try to meet those needs.

RR Crew
The RR Crew.


Yesterday at church we talked about being image bearers of God. It made me think about how God gives us responsibility and the ability to create culture. I love to create. I’m not an artiss, but I love to create through memories, events, stories, creative thoughts. These are also often the ways and areas I feel close to God as I create. I call these glimpses of joy. Glimpses of God and his blessings. Through it I see his beauty and blessing and it makes me thankful. Creating and recording keeps me thankful and aware of God’s character. So, I want to pause and take the time to do more of that this year, especially right here on this blog.


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