My World Race.

It’s the day before the beginning of a new year, so of course new year resolutions are on my brain! As I was thinking through my goals for this coming year, I started to dream- if I could do anything I wanted with my life, what would I do?

My friend is doing the World Race next year. This definitely intrigued me. I looked at the routes, and this might sound super selfish, but there wasn’t one that included all the places I wanted to go. Yes, yes, I know mission trips are not all about me, but it got me dreaming about if I were to design a World Race for myself encompassing the experiences and passions I desire, with people I respect and love from all around the world. Here’s what I came up with:

Stop #1: Central & South America (6 months)

1. Find a beach town in Mexico or Costa Rica and live there. Take Spanish lessons in the morning and volunteer in the afternoons. Stay until I’m fluent.

2. Travel around South America with EJ. Learn what they do and just help where needed, taking time to visit the Galapagos, zip line through the rain forest and visit Patagonia.

3. Visit Felipe and his family in Sao Paulo…maybe around Carnival 🙂

 Stop #2: AFRICA (4 months+)

1. Go with Bob Goff’s ministry- Restore International and help where needed.

2. Visit Naomi’s organization in Uganda and teach for a while.

3. Maybe join the Hope mission trip.

Stop #3: INDIA OR NEPAL (2-4 weeks)

1. Go with Dawnette and work with the Untouchables.

Stop #4: EUROPE (1 year)

1. Live in Spain and Au Pair. In my spare time work with a church plant.

2. Live in Paris for a few months. Write a book.

3. Volunteer at an orphanage in Romania.

4. Help with sports camps with Mindy and Megan in Ukraine.

5. Visit the Steger’s ministry in Amsterdam.

Stop #5: ISRAEL (2 weeks)

1. Walk where Jesus walked.

2. Visit Naomi’s family with her.

Stop #6: CHINA (2 months)

1. Volunteer with college students.

2. Meet and encourage the persecuted church.

Stop #7: AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND (6 weeks)

1. Do the Contiki tour with Mindy and really get to know the people we travel with.

As I wrote this, I realized doing all these things is possible. I have the connections to do it. I would really need to save, pay off some debt, and adjust to a different lifestyle, but it’s possible. I would just need to step out and do it. That thought is both liberating and terrifying. The responsibility is in my hands for how I’m going to live out this life I’ve been given. Dream big this next year, my friends. Happy 2014.

2 thoughts on “My World Race.

  1. Love this Lindsay! I love that you not only know where you would want to go but that you know what you would do AND the things you do glorify Jesus! I hope you get to do some of these things this year!

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