My 2013 Word.

In addition to goals, I have decided to choose a word for 2013- a simple word that would be my theme for the year. A girl in my small group gave me this idea and I loved it. I love for things to have order and a purpose. So I began to search for my own word. I had some pretty great ones picked out- Dream. Live. Explore. Pretty great words, right? God had a different idea for this year. In small, quiet ways (his usual method), he dropped ideas and whispers in my head of what my real focus for the year should be. The word wasn’t nearly as glamorous and the ones I had picked out. In fact, it was probably the least exciting word that could be chosen as a year theme. The word I kept feeling him prod me grudgingly towards was humility. Humility. Ick. But humility is the cure to the disease of pride. And, I am seriously infected. God wants my focus of the year to be to get well, not to distract myself for diversions and pleasures. He wants me to challenge my thinking for that’s the place pride breeds. He wants me to catch myself when my thoughts slip into comparison and envy for that’s when my pride will quickly tear the person to shreds to protect itself. He wants me to think of myself less. He wants me to get out of the prison of pride and live in the freedom and reality that humility provides. Living in humility means-
  • Not tearing people down with my words
  • Never judging
  • Not being a know it all
  • Putting others’ needs above my own even when it hurts
  • Acknowledging that my time and possessions are not my own
  • Being grateful for what I have
  • Admitting that I’m the worst of sinners and God’s grace is my only redeeming quality


image from Gary on flickr

It’s not going to be easy since I’m constantly doing or thinking prideful things. But I think that’s evidence that this is the goal I really need to focus on. I’ll try to keep you posted on how my 2013 word goes and will post a few of my other little goals for the year later this week.